Gamesa acquires stake in data specialist

SPAIN: Turbine manufacturer Gamesa has acquired a 50% stake in Spanish turbine data firm NEM Solutions to bolster its operations and maintenance offering.

Gamesa's control centre in Spain

Gamesa will share join ownership of the company 50/50 with train manufacturer CAF, which owned the data company with business advisory firm Tecnalia. Gamesa is acquiring Tecnalia's entire 15% stake in NEM and 35% from CAF.

NEM Solutions developed a platform called 'Aura', which analyses data points on machinery going through maintenance, said Gamesa. NEM collates data on wind and train operations.

"[This creates] a model that defines normal operating conditions for each piece of equipment. Based on this benchmark, it predicts the future performance of each machine, diagnosing precisely and proactively, using artificial intelligence, potential equipment incidents," Gamesa explained.

NEM's systems will send data back to Gamesa's control centre in Sarriguren, Spain to help predict when turbines will need maintenance.

"By being able to anticipate errors, we can plan interventions, reduce the number of turbine stoppages and lengthen the amount of time they are up and running as we can carry out the required repairs during less windy periods," said Gamesa Business CEO Xabier Etxeberria.

The transaction is expected to close in the first quarter of 2016.

In December 2014, Gamesa and compatriot Iberdrola unveiled the WindCore and WindOne O&M predictive systems that allow project controllers to remotely analyse data in real time from projects anywhere in the world.