Turbines of the year: Innovations

WORLDWIDE: Best of the year's brightest ideas at the cutting edge of the wind industry.

Fraunhofer IWES… Dynalab test bench Can conduct full system tests of large offshore turbines
Fraunhofer IWES… Dynalab test bench Can conduct full system tests of large offshore turbines


GOLD Fraunhofer IWES Dynalab

The full-scale dynamic nacelle testing laboratory — Dynalab for short — is a test bench suitable for either direct-drive or geared drivetrain components, and complete nacelles right up to 8MW.

But what makes Dynalab stand out from other advanced test rigs is that it incorporates the world's biggest and most advanced grid simulator. The main focus of the rig is to be able to give full system tests, which aim to get as close as possible to real world operating conditions for the machinery.

This means that the time spent in prototype field-testing can be substantially reduced, while at the same time minimising the product development risk, and achieving high efficiency and reliability of the product right from launch. The total package could also help turbine suppliers with early-stage problem detection, and speed up type certification, from what today is typically two years in the field, to just three to six months.

Dynalab's powerful grid simulator can emulate three grid phases individually, or let the grid voltage drop from 33kV to 0kV in a few thousandths of a second, remain there for 50-500 milliseconds, and then rise up again.

The rig can emulate grids up to 440MW capacity, simulate high-voltage ride-through scenarios by virtual impedance control, and multiple grid dips to replicate storm conditions.

Furthermore, grid short circuits and system impacts resulting from pitch-system faults can be introduced and studied to see all the possible effects and then tested experimentally. Most importantly, all conceivable grid events and wind load scenarios can be emulated in a realistic and reproducible manner in all possible combinations.

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