Vestas acquires UpWind Solutions

UNITED STATES: Manufacturer Vestas has acquired project service provider UpWind Solutions in a $60 million deal.

UpWind Solutions is headquartered in San Diego, California, US

UpWind Solutions supplies parts, blade inspection services and upgrades to projects in the US, according to Vestas. It services a portfolio of approximately 3GW across nine US states. The deal is completed on a "debt and cash free basis", the manufacturer said.

"North America is an important market for Vestas, and this acquisition will contribute to Vestas becoming the customers' preferred fleet-wide service partner," said Vestas' president of sales and service in the United States and Canada, Chris Brown.

The European-based manufacturer claims the acquisition will result in the combined companies servicing 17GW of turbines in the US and Canada.

In October, UpWind signed a strategic partnership agreement with service provider RomoWind to market Romo's iSpin wind measuring system in the US for the first time.