EWEA 2015: Envision bringing 'unique angle' to Europe

FRANCE: Chinese turbine manufacturer Envision can bring a "unique angle" to Europe, according to the company's managing director, Lei Zhang, at the EWEA 2015 conference in Paris, France.

Zhang said Europe was a key market for the company and believes Envision has a lot to offer.

"We are very interested in Europe. And it's not because we are selling wind turbines here. We do think Envision can bring a very interesting business angle to the European wind power industry," he said.

"We are creating a totally different sector in wind energy. We position ourselves beyond a typical manufacturer by providing smart hardware, smart software, financial solutions and financial innovations. It's a very unique angle to bring to the European market," Zhang added.

Envision recently acquired a 25MW project in Sweden where it will be able to demonstrate its turbines to the European market. It plans to complete the Kafjarden project near Eskilstuna, southeastern Sweden by September 2016. It is the first in a series of expected investments in Europe.

Ahead of the COP21 UN climate talks also taking place in Paris from 30 November, Zhang said the Chinese industry and policy makers already back wind to make a contribution. 

"The competitiveness of wind energy is very visible already. So, people are very committed; from the government policy makers, to the manufacturers, to the technology companies, even to the consumers. We are convinced wind energy is not only environmentally friendly, but also very competitive as well. 

"That's why at Envision, we are so comitted to go beyond as a manufacturer. We come with solutions, with software, with financing, with all kind of collaboration, so then we can reduce the life cycle cost of energy," Zhang said.