Anholt restarts power production

DENMARK: Dong Energy's 400MW Anholt offshore project is producing power again following the repair to sections of the export cable, transmission operator confirmed.

Dong's 400MW Anholt project is producing power again

The offshore project was reconnected over the weekend after it was taken out of service on 29 October to begin the repair work to two sections of the 25km cable.

The repair took 24 days to complete, made longer by adverse weather conditions stopping work on several days.

Energinet said it was too early to calculate the cost of the repair work and downtime compensation owed to Dong.

In August, Energinet said a four-kilometre section of the cable, extending from the substation, and a 400-metre section from where it makes landfall, needed to be replaced.

The replacement was required after an outage at the project in February when a section of the cable failed.

Tests on the cable replaced at the start of the year showed two more sections were at risk of failing.