EWEA 2015: Technical understand is key to investor confidence

FRANCE: Understanding the nuances of wind turbine behaviour in less than ideal conditions is imperative to gaining investor confidence and cutting project capital costs, said Peter Stuart, head of technical innovation at RES.

Stuart is a co-ordinator of the Power Curve working group, an industry-level initiative that is seeking to share experience and know-how of wind turbine behaviour in non-standard conditions.

"Historically, we perhaps thought about wind conditions in a slightly simplified way, and what we're trying to do now is confront the fact that the world isn't that simple," Stuart said.

"It's all about investor confidence. If we can convince investors that we understand what wind turbines can do, that we can predict very accurately what they will produce when they are installed, and test those predictions after installation, that will boost their confidence and reduce their investment criteria," he said.