GEV completes first Habitat blade repair test on turbine

UK: Turbine maintenance firm GEV Wind Power has completed its first on-turbine tests for the Habitat blade repair platform at two wind sites -- one in the UK and one in mainland Europe.

GEV has completed on-turbine testing of its Habitat maintenance platform

GEV's platform encases engineers in a climate controlled environment around a turbine blade.

Being protected by the elements, workmen were able carry out maintenance more easily and in more extreme weather conditions.

The platform is designed to reduce maintenance days lost to bad weather, reducing costs.

The Habitat was successfully inflated on Power Climber and Kaeufer platforms, with turbine sizes ranging from 30 to 100 metres high.

These tests also prove the basic concept of the added protection the Habitat offers technicians in all weather conditions.

"These trials are a huge leap forward in not only reinforcing the concept of the Habitat, but also proving how it can be applied to a range of turbine and access platform sizes. We are also exploring different configurations of the Habitat, from a simple wind break to a more complete waterproof solution," said GEV projects director Alistair Gadney.