Envision partners Skanska at 23.5MW Swedish project

SWEDEN: Envision has awarded a project construction contract to engineering firm Skanska Sweden to build its 23.5MW Kafjarden project in southeast Sweden.

Envision's 3MW turbine will be installed at the project

Skanska will be responsible for designing and building the project roads, crane bases and foundations for the nine Envision turbines being installed at the site.

In total, four Envision EN-120/3MW turbines and five EN-115/2.3MW turbines will be commissioned at Kafjarden in summer 2016.

"Skanska will be responsible for designing the contractor phase, purchase of materials and equipment, as well as the actual contractor work itself. When this phase is complete, we will be ready to install our wind turbines," said Envision head of EMEA, John Childs.

Envision acquired the Kafjarden project in July as way of demonstrating its turbines in a European environment, part of a push to increase its activities in the continent.

Earlier this year, BTM Navigant listed Envision among the top ten turbine manufacturers in 2014 due to its activity in the Chinese market, in which it was third largest.

A prototype of the 3MW turbine was installed at the National Test Centre in Osterild, Denmark in July.