Top 30 People: Places 21 to 30

The final ten in our Top 30 list of influential figures in the wind industry features trade bodies and the lone woman in this year's list.

Quite shockingly, there is only one woman in this year’s Top30 — Amber Rudd, the UK energy secretary

21. THOMAS BREHLER, Head of power, renewables and water, KfW Ipex Bank

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Since taking responsibility for renewables, it has been a busy year for Brehler. KfW has financed offshore projects including 402MW Veja Mate, 332MW Norsdee One, 111MW Nordergrunde, and the Norway-Germany NordLink cable.


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Tommerup heads the Mitsubishi Vestas joint venture with co-CEO Jin Kato. They launched the 8MW V164 in 2014, and have won some preferred supplier agreements, likely to push them up the ranks when production starts.

23. SÖNKE SIEGFRIEDSEN, Founder and partner, Aerodyn

(2014: 10)


A quiet year for Siegfriedsen's small company, which is responsible for around 50GW of installed turbines through licencees. Activity should pick up when he finds a partner to build his latest 8MW floating turbine.

24. TULSI TANTE, Chairman, Suzlon Group

(2014: 7)



A fall for Suzlon because, without Senvion, its global presence is much reduced. But, with the Indian market active, Tante could yet climb back up in coming years.

25. Ian Mays, CEO, RES Group

(2014: 13)


It has been a steady year for Mays' company, one of the biggest independent wind developers. Its varied activities range from project development to O&M.

26. EDDIE O'CONNOR, CEO, Mainstream Renewable Power

(2014: 21)


A longstanding entrant, O'Connor's position falls amid questions about Mainstream's offshore commitment. A shift to emerging markets may see his placing rise again.


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Trade body

When DNV merged with GL late 2013, it became the largest wind consultancy and classification body. Eriksen was promoted from COO to became CEO this year.

28. STEVE SAWYER, General secretary, GWEC

(2014: 14)

Trade body/policy

An industry shift towards business and finance has prompted a drop in position for the GWEC leader, who nonetheless remains a tireless campaigner for wind and who knows the industry inside out.

29. AMBER RUDD, UK energy secretary

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The UK energy secretary holds a large offshore wind sector in her palm. Whether or not she has the power, she is the mouthpiece for the government. And, quite shockingly, she is the only woman in this list.

30. MAURICIO TOLMASQUIM, president, Empresa de Pesquisa Energetica

(2014: 30)

Trade body/policy

Tolmasquim heads up the organisation that plans wind and other energy in Brazil, setting targets and auctions. Hydropower is still low, so wind is high on the plans.