Siemens 7MW chosen for Belgian 294MW Rentel

BELGIUM: Rentel has selected Siemens as preferred bidder to supply 42 SWT 7.0-154 turbines, plus a 15-year maintenance agreement.

SWT 7.0-154 turbines are destined for 294MW Belgian North Sea project

The preferred suppler deal with the Germany manufacturer includes installation of the turbines as well as a 15-year maintenance contract.

Project financing of the Rentel project is expected to complete by mid-2016, when construction can start. The site is set to be operational by end-2018.

The 249MW Rentel project will be sited 35 kilometres off the shore of Belgium. It is set to be the fourth Belgian offshore project, and the first to use direct-drive turbines, according to the developer.

Rentel is part of the Otary Partnership, which is developing and constructing the Rentel and Seastar projects off Belgium.

The developer warned that a stable legal framework is required if final investment is to be achieved and the project to be finalised.

The project, the biggest planned off Belgium, would deliver more than 1GWh annually, and is needed to meet the Belgian 20-20-20 climate targest, according to Rentel.