German-Iranian developer plans 106MW in Iran

IRAN: With the expected easing of economic sanctions, German-Iranian developer Tose'eh Zist Arvand has signed an agreement to build the first 48MW of a planned two-stage, 106MW project in the Arvand Free Trade Zone in south-west Iran.

The 71.7MW Manjeel wind project in Iran - the country has 117MW installed (photo: Ali Majdfar)

The company says it will complete this first 48MW phase mid-2016, using second-hand Vestas turbines and new Goldwind machines, according to Bloomberg reports.

It will sell the output to the Khuzestan Regional Electricity Company at the recently increased guaranteed purchase price of IRR4970/kWh (€0.147/kWh).

A second phase of 58MW will follow in 2019, the company said, though it is not clear how far along the permitting process it has gone, nor if it has secured the land. 

Early in August, the Azerbaidjani media reported that Azalternativenerji had also reached an agreement with the Iranian authorities to develop a project near Khaf, eastern Iran, though this is still at a very early stage. 

In anticipation of Iran's wind market opening up, Make Consulting recently increased its outlook for the year by 114%.