Envision installs 3MW prototype

DENMARK: Chinese manufacturer Envision has installed a 3MW prototype turbine at the National Test Centre in Osterild, Denmark.

Envision has completed installation of its 3MW prototype in Denmark

The EN-120/3MW turbine was designed for a global market, Envision said. It will be used at the company's recently acquired 25MW project in Sweden.

The turbine will be the first 3MW platform to be fully type certified by DNV-GL in order to be available worldwide, according to Envision's head of business development for EMEA, John Childs. 

Envision worked with LM, SKF Winergy, Siemens and ABB to develop the prototype through its Global Innovation Centre in Denmark.

The firm is testing its three bladed design as well as one two-bladed prototype at the global innovation centre.

Envision entered the European market earlier this month with the acquisition of the 25MW Kafjarden project in south east Sweden.

The project is due online in September 2016 and will feature Envision's 3MW and 2.3MW turbines.

Earlier this year, BTM Navigant listed Envision among the top 10 turbine manufacturers in 2014 due to its activity in the Chinese market, in which it was third largest.