HelWin2 link commissioned

GERMANY: Siemens has handed the 690MW HelWin2 transmission link to grid operator Tennet, completing its fourth platform this year.

HelWin2 has been installed next to the HelWin1 platform

The HelWin2 platform is located 85 kilometres off the German coast in the North Sea.

Construction of the platform was completed in July 2014 and will initially only serve E.on's 288MW Amrumbank West project.

Amrumbank West achieved first power in April 2015. It uses 80 Siemens 3.6MW turbines at the site.

It is the fourth transmission link to be completed by Siemens this year. Siemens has commissioned the 864MW SylWin1, the 800MW Borwin2 and the 576MW HelWin1 platforms.

HelWin2's addition means Siemens has added 2.9GW of transmission links to the German grid in 2015.

Siemens is still working on the 900MW BorWin3 project for Tennet. It is set to be commissione in 2019.