Sinovel claims court win over AMSC

CHINA: Sinovel has said AMSC's software copyright infringement claim against it has been rejected by a regional court in Hainan province.

Sinovel 1.5MW turbines

The case has been heard and dismissed by the Hainan Intermediate People's Court. following a similar ruling in February 2012 that was upheld two months later by the Hainan Higher People's Court.

Since 2011, Sinovel has been caught up in legal battles with AMSC over issues stemming from its alleged theft of intellectual property relating to turbine control codes. Sinovel was AMSC's biggest customer.

The dispute centres around Sinovel's alleged appropriation of AMSC trade secrets and software infringement. These are both being held in various courts in China. AMSC is also pursuing litigation against Sinovel in the US.

In April the Beijing Intermediate People's Court dismissed another AMSC software copyright infringment case against Sinovel.

AMSC made an appeal in May to the Beijing Higher People's Court, requesting a revocation of the ruling as well as court support for its previous claims in the re-trial.

Several weeks ago, Sinovel also announced that it has received a written notification from the Beijing Intermediate People's Court informing it that AMSC had requested a change to the allegations it was making.