Vestas unveils 'power mode' option on 3MW

DENMARK: Vestas has unveiled a "power mode" on its 3MW platform allowing output to be increased to 3.45MW.

The power mode could be used on Vestas' V126-3.3MW turbine

Vestas said the mode will be available across the whole 3MW platform meaning the V105, V112, V117 and V125 3.3MW turbines could be increased.

The mode can only be installed "under the right site-specific conditions", Vestas said.

Vestas' chief technology officer, Anders Vedel, said: "Continuous development and innovation of our 2MW and 3MW platforms adds flexibility to the product line."

The company said a letter of intent signed by Statkraft for 1GW of turbines in Norway in January would see the use of the 3.45MW mode on its V117 turbine, if the order becomes firm and unconditional.