AMSC-Sinovel case given court date

CHINA: The long-running $450 million trade secret case between AMSC and Sinovel is expected to be heard on 11 May.

AMSC claims Sinovel broke intellectual property laws

According to AMSC, the Beijing Higher People's Court has upheld a decision to have the case heard in the Beijing no.1 Intermediate People's Court next month.

AMSC first filed the complaint in September 2011, after it accused Sinovel of illegally using AMSC's turbine control software code in its 1.5MW turbines.

The case has dragged on with a number of hearings regarding which court in China the case should be heard in.

AMSC also said a $6 million copyright infringement case, also heard in the intermediate court, has been dismissed. AMSC intends to appeal this case up to the Supreme People's Court.

A third case, in the US courts, indicted two Sinovel senior mangers and a former AMSC employee for theft of trade secrets. This case is currently awaiting a decision by the US court of appeal.