E.on launches US services unit

UNITED STATES: E.on's North American unit has launched an asset management, maintenance business to serve renewable projects in the US.

E.on's 126.5MW Champion wind project in Texas

E.on's services will be available to all wind and solar energy project owners, helping to increase performance and revenues at sites.

The German-based utility said it has invested nearly $5 billion in North America, owning or operating nearly 3GW of capacity, including 1,800 wind turbines.

E.on believes the US market is "under-serviced" as there are "relatively few nationally active service providers".

North American chairman Patrick Woodson said: "As we transitioned to an operations-focused company several years ago, we saw a large, growing demand for qualified service providers."

The company believes the wind and solar industries are set to continue to grow in the US.