Prysmian wins Baltic cabling work

GERMANY: Prysmian Group has won a contract to install the cable power system for the West of Adlergrund offshore development cluster in the German Baltic Sea.

Prysmian's Arco Felice factory in Naples

The company said the contract, worth approximately €230 million, includes the design, production and installation of multiple high-voltage submarine cable systems

50Hertz Offshore is developing the three projects in the cluster, which has a combined capacity of 450MW.

Marine cable laying will be performed by Prysmian's Cable Enterprise ship, which is specifically designed for use on offshore wind project connections.

The 220kV High Voltage Alternate Current (HVAC) three-core extruded cables will be produced in the company's manufacturing facilities in Pikkala, Finland and Arco Felice, Italy. The plants have recently been upgraded to manufacture and test large-cross-section three-core cables up to 400kV.