Goldwind maintains hold on domestic market

CHINA: Goldwind's share of the Chinese market in 2014 has fallen slightly although it continues to hold the number one spot.

A Goldwind 1.5MW turbine

According to the Chinese Wind Energy Assoiation, Goldwind installed 18.99% of China's new capacity in 2014, or 4.3GW, compared to 23.3% in 2013.

Overall, the top six companies maintained their 2013 positions. The biggest loser was former number one manufacturer and former world number two turbine OEM Sinovel, which fell from seventh place to tenth with just 3.38% of the market.

In second place was United Power with 11.14% or 2.6GW of installations, followed by Ming Yang on 2.58GW (8.81%), Envision on 1.96GW (8.40%), XEMC on 1.78GW (7.63%), and Sewind on 1.74GW (7.47%).

Beyond this is Dongfang Electric with 1.3GW (5.56%), and Haizhuang with 1.14GW (4.90%). Veteran player Windey moved one step forward to the ninth position with 898MW (3.85%).

The bulk of last year's development came from China, where more than 23GW was installed.

2014 China OEM installations

Position Supplier Share
1 Goldwind 18.9%
2 United  11.14%
3 Ming Yang 8.81%
4 Envision 8.4%
5 XEMC 7.63%
6 Sewind 7.47%
7 Dongfang 5.56%
8 Haizhuang 4.9%
9 Windey 3.85%
10 Sinovel 3.38%