Nordex announces 21% increase in sales

GERMANY: Nordex has announced a 21% increase in sales to €1.73 billion in its preliminary figures for 2014.

Zeschky: set to look at growth options for Nordex

The company said it was helped by strong performance in EMEA, which contributed 84% of sales. In 2013, the company picked up sales worth €1.5 billion.

Sales in the Americas increased by 146% to €200.7 million. In Asia, sales improved by around 75% to €72.2 million. 

This helped the company bank 76% increase in EBIT to €78.0 million. Net cash inflow from operating activities increased by 63% to €160.3 million.

Speaking about the results, Nordex CEO Jurgen Zeschky said: "Our order book forms a good basis for a continued positive development in the current year. At the moment, there is very strong momentum in our market in general and for Nordex in particular.

"We will now consider in greater detail the extent to which we want to make use of the growth options available to us."