Sinovel issues warning on offshore market

CHINA: Sinovel's 5MW offshore prototype is reaching near 100% availability, but many of the company's offshore turbine orders are languishing in warehouses, the company revealed as part of its 2014 financial update.

Sinovel's 6MW turbine being installed at Rudong

Sinovel vice president Chen Danghui said the company's offshore turbines continue to operate. However, he also signalled a warning for turbine manufacturers looking to enter the market.

Chen said Sinovel had invested heavily in offshore and has won around 900MW in offshore projects in recent years. These include a 102MW pilot project in Shanghai using its 6MW turbine and a variety of commercial projects that have struggled to get off the ground.

According to Chen, the slow progress of the offshore projects has meant a lot of offshore turbines have been left in warehouses. He said both developers and manufacturer should be very cautious in offshore.

A 5MW prototype was installed on the SDB phase-2 site, Chen said. The machine is operating with an availability rate exceeding 99% and actual annual production close to 3,000 hours.

Additionally a Sinovel 6MW prototype has reportedly been installed at a site in Sheyang County in east China's Jiangsu province. The 128-metre rotor wind turbine was independently developed for various site conditions, including onshore, offshore and intertidal.