Vattenfall building DanTysk accommodation platform

GERMANY: Vattenfall has released plans showcasing its 2,500 square metre accommodation platform to be installed at the group's 288MW DanTysk offshore project in the North Sea.

The accommodation platform will house up to 50 people

The permanent platform will be able to accommodate up to 50 workers all year round and include a reading room, a recreation room, hospital bay and a pharmacy. It will be the biggest accommodation platform to be used in the offshore wind sector. 

Living quarters will be 20 metres above sea level. A Vattenfall spokesperson said the platorm increases work time at the project as well as safety and a higher quality of life. "Not everybody likes the constant rolling of the North Sea," he said.

Each members of the crew will have individual rooms, equipped with a bath, TV and Internet access. Managers and specialists will be able to utilise office space fitted with radar, satallite reception and fibre optic links.

The platform will house personnel working on the DanTysk and also Vattenfall's Sandbank project, due to begin construction nearby.

Installation of the platform is expected to take place from June 2015, with final commissioning due during the summer months.