Gamesa and Iberdrola launch new monitoring system

SPAIN: Gamesa and Iberdrola have created a remote management system allowing them to potentially control any turbine around the world.

Gamesa's control center in Sarriguren, Spain

The WindCore and WindOne system allows project controllers to remotely analyse data in real time from projects.

Data gathered by the control system includes wind speed at each turbine, temperature of the machines and intensity. This data helps project owners predict operations and maintenance work.

Gamesa and Iberdrola are making the system available to all of their customers. It can be used on any make of turbine via a single interface removing the need for different software programmes.

Gamesa said it operates over 400 projects globally, from its control centre in Spain.

Iberdrola Engineering's head of remote control developemnts Javier Ontanon Ruiz said, "The versatility of WindCore and WindOne will pave the way for its implementation in any environment while respecting each customer’s proprietary communications network infrastructure and management tools."