EWEA sets Energy Union vision

EUROPE: The European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) has outlined its vision for the European Energy Union ahead of talks between energy ministers in Brussels today.

Europe's energy ministers are meeting in Brussels to discuss the Energy Union (Credit: European Parliament)

EWEA set out five priorities for the Energy Union to tackle with a focus on increasing trade and interconnection between member states.

The priorities include stablising policy frameworks in order to help members reach 2030 targets; ensure a secure energy supply by using indigenous sources and reduce the dependency on imports; and increase free trade of electricity to improve competition and lower prices.

EWEA called for an increase in support for private funding and combat climate change.

Within the proposals, EWEA said the European Commission should support the development of a 500MW offshore project in Poland.

It also called on the EC to provide risk capital for offshore projects that use "first-of-a-kind" technology in the North Sea.

The Spanish Wind Energy Association and manufacturer Vestas have both endorsed the vision laid out by EWEA. All of the organisations claimed wind should be central to energy security,

EWEA also wants to see the interconnection target increased to 20% by 2030 – up from 15% when targets were set in October.

Thomas Becker, EWEA CEO, said there should be an "Energy Internet" connecting Europe as a single market.