Danish utility takes control of nearshore project

DENMARK: Utility NRGi has taken ownership of an 80MW nearshore project and plans to invest SEK 1.5 billion (€161 million) in renewable energy projects by 2020.

Danish utility NRGi has pledged to invest SEK 1.5 billion in renewables

NRGi has taken control of the Havvind Aarhus Bugt project, located four kilometres from the Danish east coast.

The utility was a member of the VAAB consortium developing the project, which was in discussion with Siemens over the turbine supply deal.

The move is part of the NRGi's 2020 strategy and has set up a new division responsible for creating and managing a 100MW renewable energy portfolio.

The utility said investments will be mostly in wind and solar projects around northern Europe.

NRGi CEO Soren Sorensen said the move is in line with the Danish government's policy of sourcing 100% of its energy from renewables by 2050.

Sorensen said: "As an energy company it is our clear commitment to play an active role in the environment as a whole and in relation to climate policy objectives that are set up by the government."

The group's new division was set up at the start of December.