Enercon starts work on 10MW battery

GERMANY: Enercon and grid developer Energiequelle have started construction of their 10MW battery storage system in Germany.

The storage element will be made up of 196 battery boxes

Enercon managing director Hans-Dieter Kettwig broke ground at the Regionale Regelkraftwerk Feldheim project. It is being constructed at the renewable-energy-powered village of Feldheim in Brandenburg.

Work is being carried out on the first 5MW unit, with the second due in 2015. Enercon said it will be Germany's largest battery-based energy storage system. The two units combined will be able to supply 6.5MWh of electricity.

The manufacturer is providing electronics, including the activation system for the converters used for charging and discharging. These comprise 42 power cabinets with a capacity of 300kW each.

The actual storage element will be made up of 196 battery boxes containing lithium-ion batteries housed in a 30-metre by 17-metre building.

It will function as a regulating power station at regional level and is intended to be used to stabilise frequency fluctuations in the 50Hz transmission network.

The storage system can also provide the village with electricity when power generation from renewable sources dips.