Blade Dynamics gets blade tip funding

UK: Blade Dynamics has been awarded £500,000 (€632,826) in funding from Grow:OffshoreWind to help develop a tip for offshore turbine blades.

Blade Dynamics is developing a blade tip that can be fitted to standard offshore blades

Blade Dynamics has developed an 'Advanced Blade Tip', which can be fitted to standard offshore blades. The new tip is designed to increase the performance of the blades.

Grow:OffshoreWind is a UK government-backed fund to help develop the offshore wind technology.

Erosion protection incorporated into the tip is also designed to reduce time needed for maintenance, meaning reduced O&M costs for project developers. The tip could also be used to extend blade lengths.

The funding from Grow:OffshoreWind will allow Blade Dynamics to test manufacturing technology used to make the tip and improve interaction with the rest of the blade.

Theo Botha, Blade Dynamics' co-founder, said the project could "substantially reduce" the cost of energy from offshore projects.

Blade Dynamics said its project should be completed in the second quarter of 2015.