Nordex wins Finnish turbine order

FINLAND: Nordex has been awarded the contract by Wpd to supply turbines to a 36MW project in Kalajoki, west Finland.

Wpd has ordered 12 N117/3000 turbines from Nordex

Nordex will install 12 N117/3000 turbines at the Jokela project, where construction is due to begin in 2015. The firm will also provide servicing for 15 years.

The medium wind speed turbines will be adapted to cope with the cold climate. Wind speeds in the local area average 7.8m/s. The turbines will have a hub height of 141 metres.

Wpd previously ordered 11 Nordex N117/3000 turbines for its Makikangas wind farm, located next to the Jokela project in west Finland.

Birgit Schneider, country manager at Wpd said the company was due to receive "preliminary results" from the Makikangas project and said the turbines were a "very good fit" for the area's weather conditions.