E.on cuts Rampion by 43%

UK: E.on has reduced the Rampion project by 300MW, taking its capacity to 400MW using 116 turbines.

E.on's rendering of the project viewed from shore

The developer had previously planned between 100 and 175 turbines for the project. This was already reduced from an original 195 turbines when the project was announced.

E.on said the turbines would also have a 140-metre tip height. The revision also confirmed a turbine size of approximately 3.5MW. This is smaller than the earlier plans, which would have required a 4MW turbine.

Chris Tomlinson, development manager of Rampion said the final design would "optimise the scheme in the best seabed conditions" in a bid to cut costs.

The UK government gave its consent for the project in July. The site is located 13-kilometres off coast, near to Brighton and is due online in 2018.

The project will be based out of Newhaven port once it has been constructed.