Gamesa handed two Chinese deals

CHINA: Gamesa has won contracts from Chinese developers CGN Wind and Everbright to supply a total of 112MW to projects in China.

Gamesa has secured 350MW in orders from China in 2014

The contract from CGN Wind is to provide 32 G97-2MW turbines to the Yangchajie complex in Yunnan, south China. Delivery is expected in January 2015.

Gamesa signed a deal with CGN in May to supply a further 100MW to the first phase of the Yangchajie project. The site is due to be commissioned in March 2015.

The second deal is for 27 G97-2MW turbines that will be manufactured for Everbright's Zhaojiasan development in Shanxi province, eastern China.

The turbines will be delivered in March 2015 and commissioning is expected in May.

This is Everbright's second project in Shanxi. Gamesa was also contracted to supply turbines to the other development, the 48MW Changfangshan project.