Isle of Man picks Dong for offshore project

UK: The Isle of Man (IoM) has selected Dong Energy as the developer of a 700MW offshore project in the Irish Sea.

Dong was awarded the project after the competitive tender following the company's technical and economic assessment of the proposed project, which will be located on the island's east coast.

According to Dong, the project will be installed by 2023. 

The island, which lies between Ireland and Great Britain, is looking to develop offshore energy to export to the UK to help it reach its renewable energy targets and bring in income for the government. The island is a British crown dependency.

The IoM owns its territorial waters out to 12 nautical miles, which covers 4,000 square kilometres. Its shallow waters and close proximity to the UK make offshore wind generation cost effective.

Speaking about the decision, Isle of Man minister for economic development Laurence Skelly said: "Leasing parts of the seabed within our waters to offshore wind and tidal developers will not only help the UK meet its ambitious plans for growth of renewable electricity generation, but will also generate at least £5 million (EUR 6.4 million) of revenue per year directly to (IoM) government, helping to fund public services as well as contributing to a lower carbon footprint."

The IoM government has decided to go ahead despite the scrapping of the nearby Celtic Array block in the UK Irish Sea. This was due to the adverse seabed conditions identified by developers Dong Energy and Centrica.