Gamesa reveals high wind turbine

UK: Gamesa has announced plans to launch a new high wind version of its 2.5MW turbine for the UK market.

The new turbine will be based on the G114 platform

The turbine will be a version of the G114 platform. It will come with a 106-metre rotor and will become available in 2016, with a prototype due to be installed in Q4 2015.

Gamesa said the machine will have the option of a 72-metre tower in order to bring the tip height under 125-metres and in line with UK planning laws.

The company announced the plan at RenewableUK's annual conference.

A number of high wind class turbines for the UK market have been launched in recent months.

Despite an increasing focus on low wind machines and a lack of availability of high wind sites, the need for repowering means manufacturers are still looking at high wind turbines.

At RenewableUK in November last year, Vestas announced the V105-3.3MW. It will be based on the company's existing medium-wind model, the V112-3MW, with the same nacelle, hub and drivetrain.

In April, Enercon revealed new high wind versions of the E101 and E82 turbines at the Hanover trade fair.

The new E101 and E82 turbines will have capacities of 3.05MW and 2.35MW respectively. The original E82 (2MW) and E101 (3MW) platforms were designed for class II locations.