Ming Yang installs 6.5MW prototype

CHINA: Ming Yang has installed the prototype of its 6.5MW offshore turbine following long delays.

The turbine is installed at Longyuan’s Rudong intertidal wind project

The turbine is now in place at Longyuan's Rudong intertidal wind development in Jaingsu province in the east of the country. But the company has failed to explain why it has taken more than a year to install the turbine since it announced the completion of the prototype.

Ming Yang had originally said it intended to install the Aerodyn-designed turbine in September 2013, but postponed the installation date several times without offering an explanation for the delays.

Originally, the turbine was designed with a 6.5MW capacity. This was then reduced to 6MW, but Ming Yang has now claimed once again that the turbine has a 6.5MW capacity.

Windpower Monthly was unable to reach a Ming Yang spokesperson to clarify the power rating. Aerodyn was unwilling to discus the matter.

The two-bladed, down-wind turbine has been designed to deal with typhoon conditions that can occur in Chinese waters.

The super-compact drive turbine technology is characterised by a single rotor bearing, a two-stage planetary gearbox and a permanent magnet generator.

Ming Yang said that it is confident in winning orders for the turbine now that the Chinese government has introduced an offshore wind feed-in-tariff.

But it is also looking to establish itself in the European offshore market. The firm has signed a heads of agreement with the Marine Energy Test Centre to install the 6/6.5MW turbine at the Karmoy turbine demonstration project in south-west Norway.