Top 30 People: 19. Sigmar Gabriel, German vice chancellor and energy and economy minister

It has been virtually impossible this year to write about the German wind power market without reference to Energiewende, the country's energy transition programme.

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As Angela Merkel's vice-chancellor, and minister for economic affairs and energy, Sigmar Gabriel has been central to the new legislation that passed through the German parliament during the summer. Gabriel was appointed to his post in December 2013, but has wielded influence in the sector before as Germany minister of the environment from 2005 to 2009. While Gabriel's commitment to renewable forms of energy in general, and wind in particular, is not doubted, the rapid pace of change in Germany's energy market has resulted in high power prices for consumers and reduced levels of financial support for wind. But Germany remains comfortably European's biggest onshore wind market with a fast-growing portfolio of offshore projects.