Siemens installing solution to Teesside fault

UK: Siemens is in the process of installing a permanent solution to vibrations at the base of the towers at the 62MW Teesside project off England's east coast.

The Teesside project was brought online in 2013

All 27 of the SWT 2.3-93 turbines at the development were shut down in batches over the first half of the year while Siemens installed a temporary solution to the vibrations.

Operator EDF said that Siemens began carrying out investigations in January into the effects of the vibrations on the transformer housings at the 62MW project, when all of the turbines were stopped.

Siemens now expects to complete a permanent solution to the problem before the end of the year, but would not reveal what the root cause of the vibrations is, claiming that the information is commercially confidential.

The manufacturer did however say that the faults "were related to specific arrangements in the base of the towers used at this site", and added that it did not expect the problem to be encountered at other sites.

The wind farm is located 1.5 kilometres from the Yorkshire coast and was brought online in 2013.