Tennet invites BorWin4 offers

GERMANY: Tennet has said it is inviting companies to submit applications to build the BorWin4 substation but said the project is yet to be confirmed.

BorWin4 has yet to be approved by the federal network agency

Tennet said it would only award the contract after German federal network agency, BNetzA, had made a decision on the capacity network.

The German federal network agency, BNetzA, is considering moving connection from the 400MW Global Tech 1 from BorWin2 to the BorWin3 platform in the North Sea cluster.

This would free up capacity on the 800MW BorWin2 station.

The move would use the grid more efficiently as Tennet connects more capacity to the German grid.

Tennet is also taking the reduced German target of 6.5GW offshore by 2020 into consideration. This would mean the additional grid capacity would be unnecessary at this time.

Tennet said it is "requesting proposals for BorWin4 again in order to save time in awarding the contract in case the BNetzA decides not to reallocate the grid capacities."