Engineering firm appointed for Taiwan offshore demo

TAIWAN: Construction consultancy Niras has been hired by the Taiwan Generations Corp (TGC) to work on the development of its offshore test project off the country's west coast.

TGC is planning to install a two-turbine pilot offshore project at Fuhai in the Taiwanese Strait, using a European-built turbine. It is aiming to complete the installation by end-2015.

Niras has been appointed as "owner's engineer" for the project. One of the challenges in installing offshore turbines in the region is the high number of typhoons in the area, which has wind speeds in the IEC1 T category.

Taiwanese rules prohibit the hiring of Chinese companies to work on infrastructure projects, despite the experience of mainland companies in developing offshore wind in south-east Asia. This is why TGC is looking to use European wind turbines on the project.

Speaking to Windpower Monthly earlier this year, TGC said that turbines with a capacity of between 3MW and 5MW will be used.

The Fuhai development will be the first of three phases to develop an offshore project of up to 250MW, with a maximum 52 turbines, eight kilometres off the island's west coast. The developers have received a grant from the country's economic affairs ministry.

This will be the first offshore project in Taiwan. The government is targeting up to 3GW of offshore wind by 2030.