Triton Knoll electrical system consultation begins

UK: RWE has started a public consultation for the onshore electrical system for the 900MW Triton Knoll project off the east coast.

The consultation process will run until 19 November

The process will run from 15 October to 19 November to allow local landowners and the public to comment on the proposed cable route.

RWE said it is the last opportunity for local residents to voice their opinions on the proposal before it is sent to the Planning Inspectorate. RWE hopes to submit the proposal by Spring 2015.

The transmission cable will make landfall at Anderby Creek, Linconshire, east England. A 60-kilometre cable will connect the system to the national grid at Bicker Fen.

In August, RWE withdrew an application with regulator Ofgem to allow access to private land to survey the cable route.

UK regulator Ofgem said it was "minded to refuse" the application as it failed to meet the requirements of the Energy Act 1989. It is currently reviewing the license process to clarify the conditions.

The proposed route remains unchanged in the latest consultation despite RWE being unable to access the land for surveying.