Alstom to develop floating Haliade

FRANCE: Alstom is to develop a floating platform to compliment its 6MW Haliade turbine after forming a partnership with DCNS.

The turbine will be assembled in port and towed into position

Alstom will work with the naval architecture firm to produce an initial prototype of the semi-submersible floating turbine by 2017.

The Sea Reed project has been partly funded through a EUR 6 million grant from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, which will cover the initial study and the certification of the platform.

Alstom will be in charge of studies to adapt and integrate the Haliade turbine with the floating system, while DCNS will conduct studies on the behaviour, sizing, industrialisation and installation of the floating system combined with the turbine.

The companies believe that the simplified installation process — which sees the turbine assembled at port — will help to bring down the cost of offshore wind.

Following the installation of a prototype, the companies intend to develop a pilot array, before making the turbine available on a commercial basis.

The Haliade is already set to be installed on a separate floating platform, the Pelastar, in UK waters in 2017.

Alstom recently connected its first fixed-foundation Haliade turbine at the Belwind II project off the coast of Belgium. It is lined up to supply the Saint-Nazaire, Fecamp and Coursuelles-sur-Mer projects in France, which are due to come online in 2018.