First Wind signs up for GE PowerUp

UNITED STATES: First Wind plans to install GE's PowerUp servicing on its turbines at two wind projects in Utah.

The PowerUp service will be applied to GE's 1.5MW turbines at Milford I and II

First Wind will add GE's service to its 107 GE turbines at the 203.5MW Milford I and the 102MW Milford II projects.

The PowerUp programme should increase output from its turbines by up to 5%, GE said.

Software will be added to help turbines adjust to environmental conditions by changing the speed, torque and pitch of the turbines. Hardware upgrades will also be added.

GE supplied its 1.5-77 and 1.5-82.5 turbines to the projects in western USA.

E.on enrolled its turbines to the PowerUp service. GE said 283 of the 469 of its upgraded turbines, supplied to E.on, have achieved a 4% increase in output.