Iberdrola develops floating offshore platform

UK: Iberdrola is working on developing a floating offshore turbine platform in conjunction with the University of Strathclyde in Scotland.

Work has already started on testing scale models

Through its UK subsidiary, Iberdrola Engineering and Construction, the Spanish power company is developing a tension-leg platform aimed at the UK market.

The EUR 1 million TLPWind project will result in a platform model that will be installed in UK waters at depths of between 60 and 100 metres.

The concept consists of a central cylindrical column with four pontoons symmetrically extending from its base. Each of the outer ends of the four pontoons incorporates elements that allow the connection of two tendons per pontoon.

These tensioned tendons will be used to moor the platform to the seabed.

The dimensions and weight of the steel used will be restricted to bring down construction costs, the company said.

Iberdrola is ultimately aiming to install a turbine in the 5MW range on the platform. Work has already started at the on testing scale models at the university.