Zeeland Seaports starts offshore wind quay extension work

NETHERLANDS: Zeeland Seaports has started work on the extension of its quay at Vlissingen in order to add greater capacity to deal with offshore wind cargo.

The extension is designed specifically for offshore wind use

The port has enlisted Dutch construction firm BAM Infra to extend the 300-metre quay by 175 metres.

Zeeland said that Vlissingen has been used by a number of companies for various large offshore projects and that the port is looking to expand its involvement in the industry.

The quay extension is designed to withstand a maximum load of 5 tonnes per square metre. A reinforced section will also be built, for a maximum load of 15 tonnes per square metre.

Vessels with a draught of up to 10.5 metres will be able to moor at the quay. Dredging work to enable this will be tendered separately, with work expected to start next March.

Once this is complete, the new quay should be open for business by the mid-2015.