DSME to launch low wind turbine

SOUTH KOREA: DSME is to join the wind turbine manufacturers targeting the low wind sector with a new 3MW turbine.

At the recent WindEnergy Hamburg conference, DSME revealed it developing a new turbine with a 130-metre rotor. It is due to go into production in 2016.

The low wind sector has become one of the most competitive in the industry. Recently, most of the major manufacturers have launched new turbines with longer blades.

Siemens was the latest to announce it was targeting the sector. It said it is currently working on a low wind version of its 3MW platform, which will also have a 130-metre rotor, although the turbine will not be available until 2017.

Other manufacturers who have brought out low wind turbines over the last 18 months include Gamesa, GE and Vestas.

Nordex, arguably one of the first to actively target the low wind sector with its N117 2.3MW machine, launched a 64.4-metre blade at the event.

Coincidentally, Nordex also moved away from offshore by cancelling its N150 6MW turbine. Last year, DSME announced it was cancelling development of its own 7MW offshore machine.

Speaking in Hamburg, DSME said there was little chance of the turbine project being brought back to life as the market conditions were too uncertain for offshore.