WindEnergy 2014: Nordex's Zeschky unrepentent over N150 cancellation

GERMANY Nordex CEO Jurgen Zeschky has revealed he has no regrets over his decision to cancel the company's 6MW offshore turbine project in 2012.

Zeschky took the decision to cancel the N150 turbine months after joining the company in late-2011. At the 2012 EWEA conference, he warned Nordex would scrap the project if it failed to bring in a development partner.

At the time, a large number of offshore turbines were in development.

Speaking last week at WindEnergy Hamburg, Zeschky said: "If I think back it was a tough decision. It faced a lot of questions and doubt within the company and many people we talked to.

"I still think it was right, and economics have proved it was the right decision. For a mid-sized company like us, offshore projects are too big. That's for the large corporations."

Asked whether there was a case for pure-player wind manufacturers to remain in the offshore sector, Zeschky said the most important factor was company size.

"If the turbines in a single offshore project have a value of EUR 500 million or more you need guarrantees and take risks in execution, and you need a certain size balance sheet to do that."

At the time Nordex pulled away from offshore, it focused strategically on low wind areas. The company's N117 turbine recently won Windpower Monthly's product of the year, while the company also launched a 64.4 metre onshore blade at the Hamburg event.