Scottish projects await referendum outcome

UK: Construction of two projects, totalling 98MW, is to be delayed until after the Scottish independence referendum, developer Infinis Energy has announced.

Construction at the projects will be delayed until after September's referendum

UK developer Infinis released an interim report, detailing the progress of the 43MW A'Chruach and 55MW Galawhistle projects. The report said construction will only begin "once the outcome of the Scottish referendum, and is potential effect on energy policy, is known".

A'Chruach, located in west Scotland, will consist of 21 turbines. The company said the project is close to finalising turbine contracts, power purchase agreements and financing deals with original plans to begin construction by the end of 2014.

Galawhistle, situated 4km west of Douglas, to the south of Glasgow, will utilise up to 22 turbines. It was due to begin construction next year with a commissioning date planned in 2017. Preconstruction work at the site started in January.

Both projects were due to be built using the UK's existing renewables obligation (RO) scheme but the referendum, on 18 September, has raised questions over energy policy in an independent Scotland.

UK energy secretary Ed Davey has said an independent Scotland would not be guaranteed UK subsidies and would need to compete with the likes of Norway or Ireland for interconnection projects.

Infinis operates sixteen wind projects across the UK with a total 274MW capacity and are planning to install a further 130MW by the end of 2017.