Floatgen to install 2MW Gamesa floating turbine in 2015

FRANCE: EU-funded Floatgen will install a 2MW demonstrator floating turbine at France's SEM-REV test site, off Le Croisic, towards the end of next year if all goes to plan.

The Gamesa 2MW turbine will be used on the floating platform

Gamesa will provide the turbine, while French company Ideol will supply the concrete floating platform. The turbine and platform will be assembled at St-Nazaire before being towed to the site.

Germany's University of Stuttgart will be responsible for the concept optimisation, Fraunhofer-IWES for monitoring and RSK for environmental impact studies. Tests will last two years.

Floatgen aims to demonstrate the technical and economic viability of floating turbines and their strong potential in reducing the cost of electricity.

"The project has undergone several changes, but is now ready to test the first floating turbine using 100% European technology," said Mauro Villanueva, director of technological development at Gamesa and coordinator of Floatgen.

The SEM-REV test site was originally earmarked for the Winflo demonstrator to be installed this summer. The project is now being reviewed.