Ming Yang set for 6MW installation

CHINA: Ming Yang has claimed that it will install the prototype of its 6MW turbine in mid-2014, six years after licensing the design from Aerodyn.

Ming Yang completed the prototype last year

The Chinese manufacturer completed the production of the first 6MW prototype's components in July last year, but its yet to install it. The company said that preparations for its installation have begun.

In April 2012, Ming Yang signed an agreement with Longyuan Power to install the prototype at a wind farm in Rudong in the east of China.

Ming Yang agreed an exclusive licence with Aerodyn for the sale and manufacture of the turbine in China up until 2019 at a cost of EUR 12 million.

The machine uses Aerodyn's super-compact-drive (SCD), two-blade turbine design and features a permanent magnetic synchronous generator.

Ming Yang also provided an update on its 2.5/3MW turbine, which also uses SCD technology, and said that it has installed three prototypes between May 2010 and June 2013.

While Ming Yang said that the prototypes have "demonstrated stable performance" it has only manufactured 19 2.5/3MW turbines. It is unclear whether any beyond the prototypes have been installed.

It has a capacity at its Chinese factories to manufacture 400 of this model of turbine every year.

Ming Yang added that while it has finished the design of a longer 58.5-meter carbon blade for turbine, it has postponed commercial production of this blade due to high manufacturing costs.