Siemens and Prysmian win BorWin3 contract

GERMANY: Tennet has chosen Siemens and Petrofac to supply technology for the BorWin3 grid connection, while Prysmian will provide the cables.

Siemens also provided the technology for the BorWin2 station

Siemens and Petrofac will provide all the hardware, excluding the cables, for the 900MW direct current transmission which will serve projects in the German North Sea.

The contract covers the supply of the high-voltage equipment for the grid access system, as well as the complete on-land and offshore stations. Both converters, which will turn the alternating current into direct current and then back again, will be supplied by Siemens.

In addition to this, Siemens will provide two power transformers per station, as well as the air and gas insulated high-voltage switchgear equipment.

Siemens will construct the onshore station, while Petrofac, which has experience in the offshore oil and gas industry, will install the project's offshore platform.

Prysmian is to supply and install the 130 kilometres of offshore cabling and the 29-kilometre land route. It said that the contract is worth in excess of EUR 250 million.

The start of commercial operation of BorWin3 is scheduled for 2019. The 160-kilometre grid connection will take the 155kV alternating current supplied by the wind turbines and will transform it into 320kV direct current at the offshore platform for transport to land.

The link will serve a number of projects in the North Sea, and is confirmed as the connection for the 400MW Albatros wind farm being developed by Northern Energy, Strabag and Windreich.

Supplying and laying the cables was tendered separately and is not included in this contract.