Enercon to launch new high wind turbines

GERMANY: Enercon is launching new high wind versions of the E101 and E82 turbines at this week's Hanover trade fair.

Enercon is bringing out a high wind version of its E82 turbine

The new E101 and E82 turbines will have capacities of 3.05MW and 2.35MW respectively. The original E82 (2MW) and E101 (3MW) platforms were designed for class II locations.

Enercon said the new E82 would be available next year, with the E101 following in 2016. The turbines will come with a variety of options, both in terms of tower and grid-connection configuration.

The machines will be targeted outside of Enercon's core German market. According to Enercon's sales director Stefan Lütkemayer, the decision to launch the new turbine was brought on by customer demand.

Despite an increasing focus on low wind machines and a lack of availability of high wind sites, the need for repowering means manufacturers are still looking at high wind turbines.

Late last year, Vestas launched a new 3.3MW turbine for high-wind onshore sites, aimed at markets with tip-height restrictions such as the UK and Ireland.

The V105-3.3MW is based on the company's existing medium-wind model, the V112-3MW, with the same nacelle, hub and drivetrain.

The shorter 51.5-metre blades are also developed from the same technology as the 55-metre blades for the V112.