Germany adds 240MW to its offshore capacity in 2013

GERMANY: In 2013 Germany added 48 turbines with a capacity of 240MW to its offshore wind capacity bringing its total to more than 520MW.

Bard Offshore 1

There are now 116 offshore wind turbines in Germany’s North and Baltic Sea with a total capacity of 520.3MW.

Commissioning of the 400MW Bard Offshore 1 project began in 2010 and was completed in August 2013 after considerable budget and schedule overruns.

Another 103 turbines were built in 2013, in three offshore wind farms, totalling 394.6MW, but have not been connected to the grid.

Germany’s nine offshore wind farms under construction at the end of 2013 will provide a total capacity of 2,432.4MW.

The information comes from engineering group VDMA Power Systems and the German Wind Energy Association (BWE), in a study commissioned by wind engineering company Deutsche WindGuard.

The 400MW Global Tech 1 project and the 200MW Borkum West 2 phase 1 are due to come online this year.

In 2014-15 five offshore wind farms are scheduled for part or full commissioning: Meerwind Sud/Ost (288MW), Riffgat (108MW), Nordsee Ost (295MW), Dan Tysk (288MW), Borkum Riffgrund 1 (277MW), and Baltic 2 (288MW).